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Japanese Papermaking with Kozo (Online) 
September 11 - Oct 2, 2023
Fee: $395  (Early Bird Special til Sept 5: $375)
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Overview of Online Class...
Student Testimonials

It must be said: learning Japanese papermaking is not for the faint of heart, whether you're trying to learn from an online class or in person. Admittedly, the best way to learn just about anything is to person-to-person. HOWEVER, there are some advantages to an online course, especially in the format I offer. (Note: Several experienced papermakers have said this class helped them finally succeed after several attempts at in-person workshops, which are often only a day or two in length and fast-paced.) So... if you want to give this a try, I'd love the chance to work with you. We have a lot of fun learning from each other from our weekly (and lively) discussions and a ton of highly organized learning resources. See below for more details:

In this class:


  • We meet once a week via ZOOM to review of the material, answer questions.

  • YOU WILL MAKE HANDMADE PAPER from "scratch" using the inner bast fiber from the paper mulberry tree* [also known as kozo]. Long admired for its strength and translucency, you will experience firsthand, why artists have been using this washi paper [and fiber] for centuries as a substrate for all types of media, artist books or for sculptural or installation work - achieving a unique presence.

  • YOU WILL LEARN ALL OF THE PROCESSES INVOLVED including identifying the plant itself, harvesting, cooking, hand beating, rinsing/cleaning, mixing neri (formation aid), preparing the vat and finally forming sheets of paper. This will be followed with pressing and drying as well as troubleshooting and critiquing our technique. Along the way, we will explore a little science about the fiber to have a better understanding of the material.

NOTE: The harvesting portion is introduced as background information for a better understanding of the fiber [and for those who may be interested in finding and harvesting their own fiber in their area]. Our main focus will be using kozo bark purchased from various vendors, including my own Florida kozo bark. 

With detailed lessons and short video demonstrations, you’ll be able to learn the traditional Japanese nagashi-zuki technique which involves dipping the sugeta mould repeatedly into the vat, "laminating" multiple layers of fiber on the screen, that, when pressed and dried, offer a supple yet extremely strong material for your creative work. 


My goal is to provide an engaging learning experience that will allow you to gain the information, skills and confidence to achieve your creative goals. Beginners and experienced papermakers are encouraged to take this class to learn the process for the first time or revisit this meditative and inspiring process for new artwork.


Lessons are made available every few days in the form of detailed PDF’s, slide presentations and videos. You will need about 4-6 hours per week to complete the process including reviewing the lessons themselves. The good news is you will have access to the class material for several weeks afterward if you need more time.

During this class you can expect to make about 25 -30 sheets of paper as well as some experimental pieces using the kozo fiber itself.

For more information on how the online classes work,

please visit my Online Class FAQs page

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