A 4-week online papermaking class providing detailed lessons and more than 60 short video demonstrations [totaling more than 4 hours]. Participants will learn all of the processes involved in how to make nagashizuki-style paper, including identifying the plant itself, harvesting, cooking, hand beating, rinsing/cleaning, mixing neri (formation aid), preparing the vat and finally forming sheets of paper. This will be followed with pressing and drying as well as a few extra contemporary creative techniques. Along the way, you will learn a little science about the fiber to have a better understanding of the material. For more information: https://www.amyrichardstudio.com/online-classes-faqs

Japanese Papermaking with Kozo - Group Online [FEB 7-March 7, 2023]

$395.00 Regular Price
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  • It happens; sometimes a class isn't the right fit or perhaps something has come up that will prevent you from pursuing the class during a specific time frame. Which is why I am happy to provide refunds within the following framework.

    • Online class or workshop: within 5 days AFTER of the first live session.
    • Private teaching/independent study: within 7 days of the first private meeting. Refund amounts for private lessons are considered individually based on the services delivered to that point.

    NOTE: If the allotted time has passed for a refund, I am happy to apply the fee toward a future class or independent study. 

  • I was very happy that I could take part in Amy Richard´s Kozo Papermaking Class. Yes, it is possible to learn making paper online thanks to her instructive step-by-step lessons with text, photos and videos. And you can make this workshop without buying a lot of expensive tools and equipment. Amy is a really good teacher and the workshop was just great! Recommended.    

                  —Kirsti Grotmol [Oslo, Norway]

    Amy's online papermaking workshop was a fantastic learning experience. Her extensive documentation and no-fuss videos from her paper studio guided me on my own papermaking journey and gave me an inspiring insight into her arts practice.
    —Sandra Pearce [Brisbane, Australia]


    I very much enjoyed Amy Richard’s Kozo papermaking class. I started out with very little knowledge of kozo or Japanese papermaking and by the end of her course, had made paper from kozo starting from the bark. Her videos and instructions are very thorough and she is a wonderful and kind teacher. Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about working with kozo fiber!  

    —Jen Galvin [Virginia, United States]


    Amy shared her creative process very generously and led the students to discuss questions during the class. After finishing the class, I got rich paper-making knowledge and interesting experience. Even if the course is online, it is still very understandable from Amy's tutorial videos!     —Ching-Ya Lin [Taiwan]