This online papermaking class is designed to taken by individuals who are self motivated to learn Japanese papermaking in a private independent study format, without waiting for a group workshop. This class provides detailed lessons and more than 60 short video demonstrations [totaling more than 3 hours].


Participants can take this class at any time and learn all of the processes involved in how to make nagashizuki-style paper, including identifying the plant itself, harvesting, cooking, hand beating, rinsing/cleaning, mixing neri (formation aid), preparing the vat and finally forming sheets of paper. These steps will be followed with pressing and drying as well as a few extra contemporary creative techniques. Along the way, you will learn a little science about the fiber to have a better understanding of the material.


Materials will be available for several months to provide time to work through it all. Price includes two hours of private consultation [made by appointment].

Japanese Papermaking with Kozo - Online [ANY TIME, ANYWHERE]]