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Like many of you, I don't like wasting papermaking fiber -- especially after harvesting and steaming it by hand! Over the years, I've developed a somewhat unique method for scraping kozo bark that results in a byproduct of green and black bark that still retains quite a bit of the inner bast fiber. Instead of disposing of this material, my students and I cooked and beat the fibers and discovered that this outer bark makes a beautiful and unusual paper. In the spirit of "waste not; want not," I am offering this green/black bark to those who may be wanting to make an unusual paper for book covers, end papers, sculptures, etc.


Another idea: cook and beat ahead of time and use in small amounts to make chiritori kozo paper at the end of your traditional kozo papermaking session. Let us know how you use it so we can share with others. HAVE FUN!


Kozo - Green & Black Bark [Byproduct]

SKU: Green/black kozo bark
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