What is a pulp print?

Pulp printing refers to an adaptation of silkscreen printing: Instead of the traditional method of pushing ink through a silkscreen to produce text or imagery on dry paper or cloth, finely beaten pigmented cotton fibers are sprayed through the screen onto a freshly made (wet) sheet of paper.


I learned this technique from Drew Matott and Drew Cameron, co-founders of the Combat Paper Project. Matott developed his version of silkscreen pulp printing after learning pulp-stenciling methods from Tim Mosel with Silver Wattle Press.


A large part of my MFA thesis work was dedicated to adapting this technique for use with translucent Asian-style handmade papers using silkscreens of my own drawings and text and also experimenting with other materials as "stencils" to create imagery, such as leaves, shells or kozo bark .

a pulp print generated from a silkscreen image