Nature prints


During my three-years in Iowa City, I became interested in nature printing, a centuries-old technique of using natural objects as a primitive stencil of sorts. I began playing with this idea soon after arriving and experiencing a true autumn for the first time ever. For months, I collected leaves like a kid in a candy shop, stacking them, studying them, marveling at their structure and papery surfaces.

While contemplating these iconic forms, I decided there was no need to impose any further interpretation on Nature's own ready-mades. The result is this series of prints made by arranging individual leaves on freshly made (wet) sheets of Asian-style paper and applying finely beaten pigmented pulp around them to capture their elegant shapes and gestures. Dyes, extracted from tiny alder cones, were used to tint the paper to a rich, translucent brown.


Lest We Forget is tapestry of nearly sixty individual pieces, that together reference a host of ideas and emotions about the importance of diversity and the ephemeral nature of our existence.

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