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What is a pulp painting?

Pulp painting refers to a process of using finely beaten pigmented cellulose fiber as a media for creating imagery on handmade paper.

The pulp has been processed for 6-8 hours to create a super-fine material that is so small it can be sprayed through a bottle.

The finely ground pigmented pulp can be applied in a number of ways including spraying, squirting or hand applying with a brush or other painting tools. This can only be done just after the sheet has been formed, while it is still wet (and before it is pressed). 

Sometimes I use silkscreens that have been made from my drawings, other times, I use hand-drawn and hand-cut stencils or various materials from nature, like kozo bark lace, leaves, or other natural detritus.

The result is a unique way of creating imagery that allows the pigmented pulp to become part of the actual paper instead of sitting on top of the substrate. 



a pulp print generated from a silkscreen image
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