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If Nature could communicate with us, how would it be expressed? And most importantly, what would be conveyed?            

THE MOLLUSK is a response to these questions mingled with an ongoing exploration of the Book of Nature, an idea embraced by generations of philosophers who believed that nature provides an infinite volume to be studied, contemplated, and revered.


Created with support from the 2018 Marjorie S. Coffey Residency in Book Arts at the University of Florida, this sculptural artist book is the result of Richard’s research of rare and historical books about Florida malacology, conchology, natural science, philosophy, poetry, and art history combined with hands-on investigations of Atrina rigida, a marine mollusk that has fascinated her since childhood.


Produced as a variable edition of 20, each book is sculpted and hand-dyed with artist-made paper. Inside, pages referencing the creature's soft tissue embrace a miniature letterpress-printed book — a poignant meditation of lessons learned from the humble pen shell.  

NOTE: A handful of copies are still  available for purchase. 

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