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2023 FIBER: Grown straight and tall in the Florida sunshine, this kozo bark makes beautiful paper whether it be washi [Japanese-style], hanji [Korean-style], amate or any experimental handmade paper you create.


Note: This year's bark is a tad more expensive and here's why: we've developed a method for removing virtually all of the outer brown/black bark, leaving only an outer green layer that is much easier and less messy to scrape. In fact, you may even try cooking it with the green outer layer, much of which cooks off. 



2023 Florida KOZO BARK -- partially scraped

1 Pound
  • Before using, this bark will need to be soaked for a minimum of 1 hour and scraped gently to remove the outer green layer. IMPORTANT: Two pounds of UNSCRAPED bark are required to generate one pound of SCRAPED bark for papermaking.

    Shipping is first class USPS [US Postal Service] based on weight. Contact me for express shipments. 



  • Kozo is the ‘common’ name used to describe the inner bark from the plant/tree, Broussonetia papyrifera. For many centuries, this fiber has been used to make beautiful handmade paper around the globe.

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