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Lately, I have been enjoying helping students achieve some of the creative goals they have been wanting to pursue but not quite sure how to go about it. So I've decided to make it available online as well. Now, you can share the joy of papermaking with yourself, friends and family with private independent study lessons — or coaching — whatever you want to call it. Studying papermaking on your own and "deeply" allows you to:


>>  learn more about papermaking without waiting for a workshop

>> grow your artwork or a specific project with private consulations, critiques

>> benefit from demonstrations tailored to your own creative goals 


$80/hour for online or in-person instruction. Small group rates also available.


  • Fee includes an initial 15-minute consultation to discuss goals and work, etc. followed by a pre-scheduled hour long ZOOM meetings (or in studio lessons, if local).

    Also includes one (optional) 15-minute check-in between longer meetings.

    >> On-line independent study papermaking coaching includes: hour-long zoom meetings where we discuss your creative goals, look at and critique work with positive feedback on how to grow the project as well as lots of technical information. "Action items" [aka homework] are assigned for each consecutive session for accountability.

    >> In-person studio sessions can include:  sheet formation, watermarking, pulp painting and/or writing, European, Asian, deckle-box or floating mould technqiues. Make paper from repurposed clothing and/or collected plant material and more.


  • Potential independent study students are asked to purchase the first hour which includes an additional fifteen minute consultation before the first lesson. Goals, work habits, etc. are discussed at first, which helps me assess what is needed for the first lesson. If it's a good fit, we will proceed with a lesson plan for an agreed number of lessons. If, for whatever reason, it's not a good fit, your fee will be refunded. 

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