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By invitation only: A vibrant creative space where paper artists can share, learn, grow, encourage and inspire one another.


Class Participants will receive:

  • The chance to develop and/or strengthen their art practice and routine
  • Creative feedback from a supportive community of paper artists
  • Inspiring readings and discussions 
  • Access to technical expertise from the instructor (Amy Richard) and other participants
  • Recorded video/audio of the class meetings for review and reflection
  • Access to the instructor during online office hours


As the instructor, I will endeavor to:

>> Create a supportive community for artists to begin / grow / strengthen their studio practice

>> Provide technical support

>> Foster curiosity and research skills for problem solving

>> Mentor participants to develop a critical writing practice for their work

>> Provide stimulating and inspiring readings

>> Facilitate compelling discussions and critiques



Paper Artists Working Group: A Supportive Critique and Discussion Group

  • The class will meet every other week for 4 months (beginning in early February through May). This includes a total of 8 full class sessions plus a free “meet and greet” to check things out before committing to the class. 

    • The class will be 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how many participants we have.
    • Each class will be structured so that each artist will be asked to prepare an informal presentation of their work with images and brief written description, every other class (i.e., once a month)
    • Each class will begin with general announcements and quick check in with everyone, followed by discussion of readings or other related research. Scheduled presentations of work / critique time will follow and the schedule will be adjusted as needed. 
    • Presentations of each artists work will be be 5-10 minutes in length with another 5-10 minutes allowed for discussion/critique/Q&A.
    • Presentations can be  about the ideation or conceptualization of a work that the artist is planning or it can be about the beginning, middle or end of a project.
    • Great care will be taken to assure that critiques & discussion are supportive and well facilitated. 
  • Expectations from Participants:

    • Commit to regular attendance
    • Complete assignments (readings and writings)
    • Prepare brief presentation of their work (approx. once per month) 
    • Participate in supportive critiques for their peers 
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